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We appreciate your investment interest in Consumer Automotive Finance, Inc. (CAFI). This site provides information, data and research about our company and our securitized lending transactions and business activities. CAFI is a public company, listed on the OTC Markets  tiered marketplaces, having completed a reverse merger on February 1, 2016. CAFI is currently seeking funding through PIPE and other debt and equity funding methods.  CAFI is currently working on a long term funding strategy - Reg. S, 144A offering.

To learn more about investing in CAFI, please contact:    Joe Arcaro   (310) 291-5687   Email:

                                                                                          Steve Primak (702) 576-9864   Email:

                                                                                          Nick Konopka (702) 576-9864  Email:

Latest News

10/23/2015     A Letter of Intent was executed for the purchase of NowAuto Group, Inc. (Trading Symbol "NAUG")

02/01/2016    NowAuto Group, Inc. was acquired by Pacific Dealer Services, LLC

03/07/2016    Nick Konopka is appointed as President, Chairman and CEO. 


03/24/2016    NowAuto Group, Inc. filed Amended Articles of Incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State and changed its name from NowAuto

                      Group, Inc.  to  Consumer Automotive Finance, Inc.    The Company is in the process of changing its name with FINRA.

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